Onsite Temperature Checks

Onsite Temperature Checks

In response to COVID-19, businesses are needing to implement measures to ensure they are mitigating risk and protecting the health and safety of their workforce and customers.

As fever is one of the first recognisable symptoms of coronavirus, Bodycare is offering you a first layer of defense – onsite temperature checks.

Temperature checks are the ideal layer of protection when it comes to your businesses return to work process. Not only do they create confidence amongst your workforce, but they also signal to your employees and the community that you are taking the utmost care of their health and safety.


Onsite Employee Temperature Checks

This service offers employers the opportunity to:

Workplace Temperature Checks

Screen and identify individuals who have a normal body temperature prior to entry as a preventative measure.

Identify individuals who have a heightened body temperature and then encourage them to follow the correct protocol and seek further medical attention.

Employers can also arrange for employees to be screened throughout their shift in an effort to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for everyone.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Support Services

How it works

Bodycare will:

  • Provide your organisation with highly trained and experienced health professions to conduct temperature checks on your behalf. Note all personnel will be screened prior to attending your workplace.
  • Perform and record the temperature prior to them entering your workplace.
  • Notify the organisation of any individuals who are identified as having a higher than normal temperature.

Please note that as part of our own health and safety policies, all Bodycare personnel will conduct personal health checks prior to attending a Temperature Check shift to minimise the spread of COVID-19.



  • Protect your staff, customers, visitors and suppliers.
  • Instill confidence within your workforce and the community that your business is safe to enter.
  • Identify individuals with a heightened body temperature prior to them entering the vicinity… This also adds an extra layer of protection to avoid the requirement to close your whole business and undergo a comprehensive cleaning of the entire premises.

We service the following locations:

At Bodycare we have the ability and resources to conduct temperature screening at a wide variety of locations. Locations include, but are not limited to:

temperature screening for logistics and manufacturing

Manufacturing and logistics companies

temperature screening at offices

Office buildings

temperature screening at airports


temperature screening for shopping centres

Shopping centres

temperature screening at construction sites

Construction sites

temperature screening for education services

Schools and Universities

temperature screening at retail store

Supermarkets and retail stores

temperature screening for agriculture and farming

Agriculture and farming

Onsite Temperature Check Locations

Click through some of our major locations below or contact our friendly team to see if we service your business area.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Gosford, Eastern Creek, Campbelltown, Newcastle, Huntingwood, Wagga Wagga, Mascot, Albury, Liverpool and many more locations in New South Wales.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Truganina, Laverton, Dandenong, Campbellfield, Wodonga, Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne and many more locations in Victoria.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Brisbane Airport, Townsville, Acacia Ridge, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Parkinson, Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast and many more locations in Queensland.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Perth CBD, Bibra Lake, Kewdale, Perth Airport and many more locations in Western Australia.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Wilmington, Victor Harbor, Adelaide CBD, Mount Barker, Port Adelaide and many more locations in South Australia.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Hobart CBD, Launceston, Devonport, Glenorchy, Burnie—Somerset and many more locations in Tasmania.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Gungahlin, Canberra CBD, Monash, Holt and many more locations in the Australian Capital Territory.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Darwin CBD, Palmerston City, Coconut Grove, Berrimah and many more locations in the Northern Territory.

We’ve got you covered across areas such as Auckland, Christchurch, Hawke’s bay, Northland, Southland, Wellington, Waikato, Whanganui, West Ccoast, Queenstown and many more locations across the country.

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