Protect your labour workforce from musculoskeletal injuries using wearable technology

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, during 2021-22, approximately 497,300 people sustained a work-related injury or illness, translating to a 3.5% incidence rate among workers.

Despite continuous efforts from employers to keep their team safe, there is always room for new and innovative solutions and proactive measures in injury prevention.

First-of-its-kind Technology

Wearable technology has been used for decades by professional athletes to measure movement and prevent injury using evidence-based feedback. It is a small sensor worn on the back or arm to accurately measure movements. The data collected gives you load scores for shoulder, back, and lower limb musculoskeletal injury risks.

When applied to the labour workforce, a new approach to preventing injuries began to emerge.

Now validated by leading universities, it is now available to companies as part of the solution for injury prevention and return-to-work programs.

Benefits of Implementing Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Not only does wearable technology result in a significant reduction in workplace injuries, but it also contributes to enhanced organisational performance, fostering a proactive culture of safety and wellbeing that benefits both employees and the bottom line. Other benefits include:

Real-time monitoring

  • Detect potential health risks and prompt intervention early, reducing the likelihood of accidents and health-related incidents.

Data-driven decision making

  • Identify patterns, trends and potential areas for improvement within your workplace. Leverage this to implement targeted interventions and optimise conditions, while reducing injuries and enhancing overall organisational performance.

Remote assistance and training

  • Connect remote or onsite workers with experts who can provide instructions, troubleshooting and feedback. This helps with training and reducing errors and the risk of injuries.

Where to Start With Workplace Injury Prevention

As a forward-thinking provider of occupational health services and solutions in Australia, Bodycare is leading the way with the integration of this technology into workplaces.

With a robust injury prevention program that is supported by Preventure’s wearable technology, employers can drastically reduce injury and risks, leverage real-time data for immediate intervention and create long-term strategies for safety.

Together these technological solutions not only aim to prevent immediate injuries but also to mitigate long-term health risks, fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

Contact us today to discuss how wearable technology could assist you in assessing injury risks in your workplace.