Safety Consulting & Training

Safety Consulting Services

At Bodycare, we believe the first step towards creating ‘Healthy Spaces’ for your employees is having the right health and safety policy and processes in place. We work with our partners to create procedures, policies and processes to help mitigate their exposure to workplace health and safety risk. Working in collaboration with our partners, we develop customised WHS Management Systems and create tailored strategic plans to ensure the management of WHS is simplified and geared towards continuous improvement.

Some of our health and safety consulting services include:

Provision of general WHS Advice: Help desk/Retainer or Onsite contractor approach
Bodycare can provide a dedicated resource for ongoing health and safety consulting and knowledgeable WHS advice, as well as providing assistance when WHS issues arise.

Gap Analyses / Audits against AS 4801, OHSAS18001, National Audit Tool and legislative requirements
Bodycare performs a detailed onsite assessment by way of a gap analysis or audit within your workplace against the relevant occupational health and safety policy. The results are then evaluated and detailed in a report provided to your business, including improvement recommendations in line with legislative requirements.

Systems, Policy & Procedure Development
Bodycare works collaboratively with your organisation to develop systems, policies and procedures, in line with regulated health and safety policy and the requirements of your workplace.

Risk Profiling and development of WHS Strategic Plans
Bodycare will complete a detailed evaluation of the procedures being undertaken in your workplace in order to assess the overall risk profile of your organisation.  Based on the results, you will be provided with strategic recommendations to improve the WHS policies and processes in your business.

OHS Governance
Bodycare will work in collaboration with your organization to develop effective WHS Reporting Structures for Executives and Boards in your business.


Workplace Health and Safety Training and Seminars

Bodycare’s health and safety consulting services are supported by a variety of health and safety training courses that will empower employees to maintain a high level of risk mitigation within the business as well as contributing to a positive safety culture overall.

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