Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning Programs

Fitness for Work – Strength, Flexibility, and Conditioning Programs

Musculoskeletal injuries account for over 50% of all Worker Compensation claims in Australia and affect a large portion of our working population. Musculoskeletal injuries affect everyone from clerical staff to labourers and often result in lost work days and Workers Compensation claims.

In aiming to minimise these problems, Bodycare’s strength, flexibility and conditioning programs provide employees with a proactive tool to reduce the risk and likelihood of an injury occurring. Bodycare’s functional movement tests and programs are designed to address three key pillars: strength, balance and stability.


Ensures the body can tolerate heavier tasks or be resilient to repetitive work requiring a greater degree of endurance.


Ensures we can respond to unexpected events in the workplace and navigate our way around the workplace free from harm.


Provides the foundation for safe movement ensuring your workers are physically prepared for the task at hand.

Our functional fitness programs are:

Interactive, engaging and fun
Run by the Occupational Physiotherapist
Designed to educate and empower employees by providing them with tools and techniques to prevent injuries
Can be delivered as a one off intensive 30-60 min session or can be delivered over a set number of weeks ie. 10 weeks

We make change permanent by changing attitudes

Some of the proactive corporate fitness programs we deliver are:

Functional Conditioning
Core Stability Program
Ship Shape Shoulders Program
Roll me out Spikey Ball Program
Foam Roller Program
Musculoskeletal Assessments & Tests

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