Aged Care and Community Assessments

Aged Care and Community Assessments

Bodycare’s aged care and community assessments offer valuable assistance for seniors wishing to maintain their independence while living at home. If you’re an older individual seeking to continue living independently, our assessment services can be beneficial.

Tailored to your specific needs, our assessments aim to support you in carrying out your daily activities while ensuring you receive the appropriate level of assistance. It’s important to note that our assessments are fully funded by the Australian Government.

Our team comprises friendly and qualified assessors who prioritize providing prompt and efficient evaluations to support your health and well-being. While we typically conduct assessments in-person, circumstances such as those arising from COVID-19 may necessitate phone or telehealth assessments.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, accuracy, and thoroughness. When we engage with you, our primary objective is to listen, understand your requirements, and facilitate your ability to maintain independence at home. Following the assessment, we may connect you with suitable local service providers to deliver the support you require.

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