Pre-employment health assessments

Pre-employment health assessments

At Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we believe that building a great team starts with finding the right people for your business and that this starts with a great recruitment and pre-employment process.

Bodycare adopts the same approach used by professional sporting clubs when they recruit new players. We test and assess candidates by performing pre-employment assessments (both voluntary and legislated) to ensure that employers are aware of any health risks that are potentially being brought into your business.

For more than two decades, Bodycare has proven pre-employment assessments to be an ideal first layer of defence from the impact of health risks that new employees may introduce to organisations, be it musculoskeletal, pre-existing conditions, recent injuries, or other medical conditions.

Our pre-employment assessments provide our clients with a clear snapshot of a candidate’s overall health and can inform the ongoing management of pre-existing health concerns after the recruitment process in complete.

Bodycare ensures that all its pre-employment health assessments and legislated medical checks contain a robust functional assessment coupled with a series of key medical and clinical tests. Our experienced occupational health professionals can quickly identify potential issues, track health parameters (such as hearing and respiratory function), and provide robust and professional recommendations.

Whether it is for an in-house health screening tool or tailored pre-employment assessments completed (at any one of our national clinics), Bodycare can cater to your business’s pre-employment screening needs.

“… we see pre-employment screening as the first layer of defence and as an effective way of understanding the potential risks a candidate may bring into your business.”

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