Offsite Physiotherapy

Offsite VIP Physiotherapy Services

Bodycare is supported by a national network of over 200 fully trained and experienced physiotherapy clinics, which allows us to support your organisation, identify injuries in their earliest onset and activate a rapid response action plan to prevent them from becoming long, drawn out claims.

Our VIP Physiotherapy Service offers you the peace of mind that all musculoskeletal workplace injuries can be managed, treated and outcomes clarified in a consistent, all in one solution.

In the event that an employee reports an injury, or even a level of soreness or discomfort, clients are able to book the sore employee in for an appointment at one of Bodycare’s Network of VIP Physiotherapy Clinics within a 3-hour window. This will ensure that early intervention physiotherapy and effective management of any functional movement concerns or acute injury occurs immediately.

Following on from the appointment, the treating physiotherapist will call the client to discuss the nature of the employee’s injury and an appropriate way to manage it.

Furthermore, the client will receive a report explaining the type of treatment performed as well as specific return to work recommendations. This feedback loop serves as a safety net to ensure that no employees slip through the cracks and remain untreated and at risk of further injury.

Where possible, the employee will be booked back in with the Onsite Occupational Physiotherapist to ensure continuous management and control of the employee’s injury and progress.

Rapid Response

Employee reports injury, soreness or discomfort. Call Body­care to arrange appointment to ensure treatment of acute injuries occurs immediately and smoothly.

Communicate Early

The treating physiotherapist will call the client to discuss the nature of the employee’s injury and an appropriate way to manage the injury moving forward.

Report Back

Treating physiotherapist closes the communication loop by providing written feedback explaining what type of treatment was performed and what recommendations were made.

The Benefits:

Allows for peace of mind knowing employees are getting the best treatment possible
Ability to respond fast to niggles and aches before they turn into injuries
Consistent national solution utilising Bodycare’s national network

Offsite Assistance

Our network of VIP clinics ensures that in the event that an employee reports a workplace injury, or even a level of discomfort or soreness, that effective management and early intervention treatment can occur.

Early Intervention Physiotherapy

At Bodycare, we believe that being proactive with employee injury prevention is the key to reducing workplace injuries and improving employee health and wellbeing. In saying that, we also know that there is always the chance that one of your employees may report an injury or that they are feeling sore. When this occurs, it is imperative that early intervention physiotherapy occurs either with the onsite physiotherapist or with one of our offsite VIP support clinics.


When does Bodycares VIP Service come in handy?

at Bodycare, we understand that injuries may still occur outside of the onsite physiotherapy times. This is why we have established our national network of clinics that employees can be booked into to ensure they receive the best possible treatment until the next session time.

Is it easy to book an VIP appointment?

Yes. The booking process is incredibly simple. All you need to do is request an appointment via Bodycare’s online booking system and we will do the rest.

Is there a way to track the VIP physiotherapy appointments?

There sure is. Through Bocycare’s online Dashboard, you have the ability to track all offsite VIP appointments and booking details.

Where are Bodycare’s VIP Physiotherapy Clinics located?

Key to Bodycare’s system is having physiotherapists close to your workplace, and where your employees work and live. This allows for quick treatment of any minor injuries or niggles, before they escalate into becoming larger issues for both your employee and your company. Your staff can be treated by an experienced physiotherapist, so that they stays within the system and everything is kept track of.

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