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Health and Wellbeing

Investing in an employee’s health makes great sense not only from a wellbeing perspective but also from a business perspective.

The greatest asset to your company is your people, so improving their health and wellbeing will ultimately have a positive effect on their productivity and their accountability while they are at work.

Bodycare’s trained health and wellness professionals can tailor a workplace wellness program to meet specific company needs or areas of concern so that employees are getting the most out of the health and wellness program.

We custom-build corporate health programs to meet our partners unique needs based on budget, culture values, your employees’ health issues and your end goals. We offer a strategic mix of integrated health and wellness services, which combine to educate, support and inspire your employees to better health.

These include:

Face to face corporate health and wellbeing services

  • Personal onsite health checks and consultations such as health coaching, massage, nutrition advice and meditation as well as onsite seminars (such as cooking demonstrations)

Team based and individual challenges

  • Health challenges and campaigns that show employees how to make real changes to their health habits and lifestyle.

Educational resources

  • Professional print and digital educational materials, including our monthly newsletter and booklets

We make change permanent by changing attitudes

Some of our specific health and wellbeing programs include:

Onsite Checks:

Skin Cancer
Heart/ Cardiovascular Health
Biometric Testing
Bone Density
Lung Function
Vision & Hearing

Health Consultations:

Online Personal Health Assessments
Alcohol Awareness
Nutrition Consultations

Seminars & Webinars:

Health & Wellness Seminars
Sleep & Fatigue
Stress Management
Women & Men's Health

Health Programs & Challenges:

Office Yoga & Pilates
Group Fitness
Corporate/Group Challenges

Aren’t sure where to start? Why note start with a strategic health risk appraisal for your organisation.

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