Bodycare and Healthworks Announce new CEO

Press Release 7th of March 2024

“I am excited to announce that Jeremy Kestenberg who has been our Chief Growth Officer for the past 15 months will be stepping into the role of CEO of Bodycare Workplace Solutions and Healthworks” shares Dean Mohr.

Jeremy graduated as a Physiotherapist 16 years ago and went on to build a Health Services business in aged care, which places him well to lead Bodycare Workplace Solutions and Healthworks moving forward.

The change which will officially take place on the 1st of April 2024, will see Dean Mohr step away from his current role and into the role of CEO of The Occ Health Group whilst continuing his role as CEO of My Occ Health Record.

“My passion has always been in challenging the status quo, pushing for business innovation and driving strategy. In my new role as CEO of The Occ Health Group I will continue to drive the business forward through innovation. I wish Jeremy the very best in his new role and I look forward to working together with Jeremy and the entire Occ Health Group team, to continue our work in changing the face of occupational health and safety across Australia and New Zealand” says Dean Mohr.

Dean’s role will see him oversee the wider Occ Health Group which includes Bodycare Workplace Solutions Australia, Healthworks, Bodycare New Zealand and My Occ Health Record.

“I’m thrilled to be stepping into the role of CEO of Bodycare Workplace Solutions and Healthworks. I can’t wait to continue to build on the foundation that Dean and the wider team have created over the last 25 years” says Jeremy Kestenberg.

“Having graduated as a Physiotherapist 16 years ago and built a business in Health Services I truly believe that the work that we do as an organisation has real impact and that’s something that I’m very passionate about. Each year, our programs positively impact hundreds of thousands of workers across Australia and New Zealand and we are very proud of that. Our mission has always been to prevent injuries and keep people healthy and safe in the workplace and that’s something that we intend to continue to do”.

After announcing the change internally on Monday the 4th of March 2024, there is real excitement internally for what’s to come in the years ahead.