Pre-Employment Medicals & Health Screening

Pre-Employment Health Screening & Medical Assessments

In an age where people are working for longer, under increased physical and mental demands, it is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that the right people are entering your workforce. Selecting candidates who are able to safely perform the inherent requirements of their role is vital and forms the building block for a sustainable injury prevention strategy.

At Bodycare we don’t just provide effective pre-employment medical screening solutions – we partner with organisations to provide an innovative and responsive health risk management service to facilitate health performance and injury prevention in your workforce.

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Why choose Bodycare for employee health screening?

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a fast, reliable and cost-effective pre-employment health testing solution.

Expert occupational health assessors

Assessments and recommendations are provided by experienced occupational health physiotherapists and medical professionals. We partner with specialists to ensure rigorous testing and accurate recommendations. These professionals combined with our expert team provide you with holistic, end-to-end support.

Innovative online solution

As an organisation, we know how important it is to always be informed, and that‘s why we have created one central platform for all your pre-employment needs. Bodycare uses leading-edge technology to provide a seamless pre-employment solution. Our innovative health assessment software facilitates every step of the booking, assessment and reporting process.

Comprehensive health assessment tailored to a specific role

A comprehensive assessment of physical, psychological and medical health to determine ongoing fitness and work capacity. Our pre-employment assessments are tailored to mirror the physical requirements of each particular role, ensuring accuracy and relevancy of findings.

Easy-to-read, standardised reports

Summary reports and recommendations are standardised to meet clients’ requirements. Clear recommendations are provided in a simple and easy-to-understand digital report.

Complete geographical coverage

We are able to provide our clients with complete coverage across Australia and New Zealand through our VIP clinical network.

International Pre-Employment Reach

Bodycare’s Pre-Employment Health Assessments are delivered throughout our international clinical network across Australia and New Zealand.

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