Client Testimonials

Grocon Myer Emporium

Melbourne CBD

We provide services to Grocon all around Australia. Here, Grocon site manager Carlo Porco explains how Bodycare has helped operations at the Myer Emporium construction site in central Melbourne.

With nearly 400 employees onsite, Grocon trusts Bodycare to deliver injury prevention focused workplace.

Linfox Coles RDC


We provide services to the Linfox warehouse in Truganina, Melbourne. Operating one of the largest supply chain warehouses in Australia, this client requires a unique solutions when it comes to managing the health and injury management of over 800 employees onsite.

LTIs and insurance premiums have improved since Bodycare have implemented there tailored programs.

5 Ways Food Service


Bodycare works with 5Ways Food Service, helping both there office staff and factory floor staff stay health on the job.

Staffed by 80 employees, 5Ways has used Bodycare’s onsite physiotherapy service, as well as implementing Bodycare’s Proactive Injury Prevention System to minimise injuries and how they effect the business.

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