About Bodycare

We help you injury proof your business!

Bodycare is the industry leader in the provision of injury prevention and early intervention professional health services.

Ask any employer with a manual workforce across any industry – injury costs are trending upwards. This is despite the plethora of health and safety initiatives, despite everyone having a solution to the “ageing workforce” and despite injury management being everybody’s focus.

Faced with this, everyone assumes that injuries are inevitable. That injuries are simply a “cost of doing business”. 

That doing the best for employees equates to simply managing the claims. But what if instead of simply managing the claims, employers had a way to prevent them?

Since 2000 Bodycare Workplace Solutions has operated under the inherent belief that all employees should be able to go to and from work free from the risk of injuring themselves.

 Bodycare work to achieve this goal by partnering with some of Australia’s largest organisations to provide them with risk mitigation solutions that improve the safety, health and wellness of their employees. We call this injury proofing

Not only does this philosophy help to enhance employee engagement and workplace culture, but it has a significant impact on reducing an organisation’s injuries, their severity and their cost.

Healthy workers make for a healthy business. At the core of our belief system is that being proactive is the answer to injury prevention. We don’t accept the “break-fix” model of waiting for an employee to be injured before sending them off for treatment. It’s already too late then. We believe in analysing root causes, developing programs to lower risk profiles and acting fast to minimise harm, in conjunction with learning and system improvements. Our approach is collectively known as the Bodycare Proactive Injury Prevention System.

“The problem is big, but the opportunity is bigger…”

Bodycare Workplace Solutions are the industry leader in the provision of injury prevention professional health strategies. We know this because we have been doing this for over a decade with outstanding results and commercial influence. We partner with over 60 clients in 140 sites across Australia and New Zealand.

With a head office based in Melbourne and a growing footprint every year our team manage over 50,000 employees, treat more than 75,000 injuries onsite and attend more than 300,000 appointments.

That means through to our core we understand how occupational environments work and what is important to both employees and their managers.

We get workplace injuries and, more importantly, we know how to prevent them. City wide. State wide. Nationwide.

We run our programs the same way professional sporting clubs do. The very best clubs ensure that when a player feels even a hint of pain and discomfort they can have it attended to at the earliest onset by a highly trained Physiotherapist. The treatment, the task modification and the education happens instantly. The mindset is already in place. This approach reduces the chance of a minor niggle becoming a serious injury. It means that player doesn’t spend time on the bench instead of playing the game.

Likewise, the best businesses understand that being proactive with employee injury prevention is the key.

That it’s about swimming upstream and adopting a collective mentality that having a rapid response plan in place is only the first step in the continuum of care for all employees.

As a business, we want to partner with you to empower all of your employees from the top down to have conversations about safety. We assist in instilling a belief that ‘injury prevention’ and ‘wellness’ are not just words, but a ways of life. We help to create opportunities for employee engagement – be it on the shop floor, the office or while on the road in transit. We are always out there engaging and educating your team members. We aim to connect with them and ultimately, we aim to injury-proof your business.

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