Returning To Work and COVID-19

In a world dominated by talk of Coronavirus, there has been great relief in the knowledge that we have successfully managed to flatten the curve through our collective efforts in homes and workplaces around the nation. As the fog lifts on the horizon, there has been much talk about what returning to work may look like and how we can build strategies to ensure that we continue to keep the pandemic at bay.

As we navigate our way through this time, we have named the initial phase of returning to work Implement and Secure: A time to address any workforce fears and create confidence that your workplace has considered the needs of everyone.

At Bodycare, we contend that when it comes to a successful reintegration to the workplace that it’s best practice to over-react. In many cases, this may involve daily temperature checking, daily health checks and/or various other workplace support services being ready to go in the event that there is a suspected case of COVID-19 at work. Clear and consistent messaging around safe hygiene practices and expectations around social distancing measures are also of prime importance.

In a time of great uncertainty, it is incumbent on employers to implement every precaution possible to ensure that employees feel safe while at work – this includes taking steps to protect an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

So, as we start to plan how we will return to work over the coming months, it’s important to make sure that we continue to put in place precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our people.

If you would like more guidance on how to begin your return to work journey, feel free to download our free guide which outlines a selection of things to consider over the coming weeks as you plan your return to the workplace.

Return to work guide