The Impact of Injury Prevention Programs on Workplace Injuries with Austral Bricks

The Company

Name: Austral Bricks Victoria
Location: Victoria
Industry: Manufacturing
Employees: 125+

The Challenge

Despite extensive efforts from their safety and injury management teams, Austral Bricks Victoria faced significant challenges in preventing workplace injuries and managing injury claims efficiently. WorkCover claims were steadily increasing, largely due to manual handling incidents, and coincided with higher self-insurance provisions and financial costs to the business.

Austral Bricks Victoria also recognised an opportunity to improve employee engagement and conduct while working onsite. Comprehensive education and training in manual handling, preventative strategies, and early reporting would be pivotal in influencing a positive workplace culture.

The Approach

Working alongside occupational health experts Bodycare Workplace Solutions, management implemented a proactive onsite injury prevention program initially at their Wollert site.

The program focused on educating employees on correct manual handling techniques and preventative strategies to reduce injury risks. It emphasised the importance of early injury reporting, encouraging employees to promptly report any discomfort or potential injuries. This proactive approach aimed to address issues before they escalated into more serious conditions, thereby reducing the overall incidence and severity of workplace injuries and claims.

To ensure the program was effective, Bodycare conducted tailored assessments to understand the physical demands of each role, aligning their efforts with the specific needs of the workforce. This approach supported their recruitment and pre-employment assessment strategy.

The Impact

Within 12 months, the program had a positive impact on several key metrics, including a reduction in lost time due to injuries and a decrease in premium costs. Workforce productivity improved while recruitment costs were lowered, and overall, the program enhanced the health and wellness of the entire workforce.

These improvements resulted in a saving of over $600,000 for Austral Bricks Victoria.

Introducing a robust injury prevention program not only improved safety protocols it fostered a culture of health and wellness among employees. Austral Bricks successfully reduced injury rates, increased employee engagement and safety, and enhanced overall productivity.

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