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At Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we are committed to keeping you and your team safe and healthy on the job. We are proud to be one of Australia’s top providers of occupational health services and injury prevention solutions. 

We believe that prevention is key, which is why we take a proactive approach to risk management, with a focus on root cause analysis and creating tailored programs to address specific risks. Our data-driven and innovative solutions are designed to help you lower risk profiles and minimise incidents and injuries in your workplace, no matter the industry.  

Our team of occupational health experts has years of experience supporting clients in Australia across a variety of industries, including aged care, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, construction, and more.  

Aged Care

From assisting and providing care to the elderly daily, everyday tasks can pose risks. Many workplace injuries in the aged care industry result from musculoskeletal injuries such as back injuries which are related to high-risk manual handling tasks such as lifting and moving people and pushing patient trolleys. Bodycare’s methods of care provide a framework that is designed to lower the prevalence of risks and costs associated with injuries in the workplace.


Bodycare has many years’ experience in the aviation sector, working alongside the medical and safety programs of both domestic and international carriers. We have operational knowledge of ground services, engineering, catering, freight, airport, and flight operations and appreciate the unique environmental and physical demands.


Construction is a high-risk industry when it comes to problematic movement patterns that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Small niggles and aches left untreated can decrease productivity and result in expensive claims due to long-term loss of work. Bodycare assesses a variety of site throughout residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, utilities, and demolition to help your workplace avoid injury.


Using our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we educate and empower management and employees to gain an understanding of how best to prevent workplace injuries, engage in safety initiatives and manage the challenges of an aging workforce. We assist people with the physical demands of an active job to avoid injury and allowing them to provide care.

Labour Hire

The labour-hire industry requires you to work on several different and unknown sites. Tasks vary from day-to-day, and when you are confidently performing one task, you sometimes miss the correct method in others. This can result in workplace accidents. Bodycare guides you on how to safely perform tasks whether it is an employee’s first day, or they have been doing the same job for years. Assisting with pre-employment screening for seasonal recruitment to help assure you have the right fit for the job.


Manufacturing is one of the industries that most requests injury prevention services covering food production, abattoirs, industrial, and automotive, just to name a few. Bodycare’s Onsite Occupational Physiotherapy service is key to managing musculoskeletal health. Our model demonstrates that taking a proactive approach and encouraging early reporting, functional movement tests, and early intervention injury management minimises costly burdens on employers.


Working in mining involves working on high-risk sites and environments that can be detrimental to your health. Bodycare provides knowledge of prevention, treatment and management solutions that can lead to a significant reduction in claims, premiums, and lost time. Our rigorous and through routine health surveillance checks for crystalline silica and coal board assessments are designed in compliance with guides from SafeWork AUS and RSHQ to make sure your company meets it’s requirements.

Transport, Warehouse & Logistics

Whether on the road or working from ports, Bodycare’s tailored injury prevention management systems support the transportation, warehousing, and logistics industry with guidelines to avoid injuries caused by repetitive movements that can result in long-term musculoskeletal strains. Bodycare have a wide range of knowledge in cold storage, dry goods, transportation, production, inventory and more.

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