About Bodycare Workplace Solutions

About Bodycare

Bodycare Workplace Solutions is a leading provider of occupational health services and solutions in Australia. For more than two decades, we have been dedicated to supporting businesses in cultivating robust and healthy workforces. Our comprehensive range of occupational health services and solutions is seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology systems, ensuring industry-leading support for our clients.

Bodycare’s commitment to entrepreneurship and client-centric values has fuelled its evolution from a sole private practice physiotherapy clinic in Port Melbourne to the thriving multinational occupational health service provider that we are  today.

At the heart of Bodycare’s identity lies a belief in the principle that prevention is the best cure. This fundamental ideology has been the driving force behind our company since its inception. As an organisation, we firmly reject the reactive “break-fix” approach that entails waiting for an employee to become injured, unwell, or for an incident to occur before acting. In our view, by that point, it is already too late.

We stake our reputation on being proactive, embracing innovation, relying on data-driven insights, and placing a preventive mindset at the forefront of every decision that we make on behalf of our clients. We are staunch advocates of root cause analysis, endeavour to swim against the current, reduce risk profiles, and act swiftly and decisively to minimise risks, incidents, and injuries.

At Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we pride ourselves on quality – we partner with leaders in occupational health and employ a highly-experienced team of medical and allied health professionals. Furthermore, we leverage our custom-built software systems to govern and manage our vast array of programs, and this enables us to ensure better health outcomes for our clients and their employees.

With a head office based in Melbourne and a growing footprint every year, our highly capable team assists more than 70,000 employees, treats more than 115,000 injuries onsite, and attends more than 400,000 appointments each year.

About The Occ Health Group

Bodycare Workplace Solutions operates as a vital component of the larger Occ Health Group, which is dedicated to enhancing the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of employees in businesses globally. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that every individual can go to work and return home without experiencing any injuries.

Within The Occ Health Group, there are several other affiliated businesses: My Occ Health Record, Bodycare Workplace Solutions New Zealand, and Healthworks Australia. Together, this consortium of companies offers clients a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution for occupational health and data storage on a global scale.


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