Our Values

Our Values

As an organisation our aim at Bodycare is to focus on meeting our partner’s needs, whilst embodying our core values of working with integrity, being proactive and innovative and maintaining open channels of communication.

We commit to integrity in everything that we do

As a business, integrity is of the upmost importance to us. The Bodycare team always strive to act with integrity in all that we do. We always push for what is right, even when the going gets tough. We believe in being open and honest at all times.

Integrity at Bodycare means fighting for what is right and staying true to our values.

We commit to continuous innovation

We believe in pushing the boundaries and consistently driving for improvement in our services, our programs and our business as a whole. Our innovation is reflected in our exclusive software platforms that facilitate the collation of meaningful injury data, our industry leading programs that improve the health of individuals across the nation and our use of technology to create sustainable long-term changes within workplace across Australia and New Zealand.

Innovation at Bodycare means thinking outside the square and always challenging the status quo.

We commit to being proactive at all times

We understand that being proactive with employee injury prevention is the key to reducing workplace injuries and improving the overall health and wellbeing of employees. We never accept the ‘break-fix’ model of waiting for an injury to occur before our onsite teams intervene.

We believe in going beyond the treatment room to proactively engage and educate. We believe in  proactively roaming, observing and engaging with employees. We believe in discussing their manual handling techniques, work station set up and the frequency of breaks and stretches. We believe that through our engagements with the front line that we can create positive changes within a workplace.

At Bodycare being Proactive means getting out of the treatment room and onto the floor.

We commit to providing quality, ongoing communication

We believe that effective communication forms the cornerstone of a successful relationship. As part of Bodycare’s commitment to creating positive outcomes with our partners, we deliver consistent, high-level reporting, as well as regular email and verbal updates, which open the lines of communication regarding the progress of our programs. We ensure that everyone is on the same page across multiple management levels and sites.

Communication at Bodycare means keep everyone on the same page and working together to create lasting changes.

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