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At Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we work with a diverse range of clients across all industries to keep their employees healthy, safe, and injury free. Our team manages over 70,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand, sharing proven results and making real changes to their employees’ health and wellbeing.

  • We are thrilled to acknowledge the remarkable effectiveness of BodyCare Physiotherapists in transforming the well-being of our workforce at Gundagai Meat Processors. Their expertise and personalized approach have significantly enhanced the satisfaction and physical health of our employees. The positive impact on our Return to Work program has been nothing short of exceptional. Thanks to BodyCare, our team experiences improved productivity, reduced injuries, and an overall uplifted sense of wellness. Their commitment to our employees' health has undeniably contributed to the success and thriving environment at Gundagai Meat Processors.

    Chris Potter - HR ManagerGundagai Meat Processors
  • Border Express exclusively uses Bodycare and its services for our pre-employment process oversight. This trusted knowledge, guidance and advice helps us work chosen candidates though our recruitment process, in turn better informing Border Express on arriving at the right candidate for the right role taking into account all known variables. This independent assistance has led to placement of happier employees who are set up for success from day one. Thank-you Bodycare

    Border ExpressBorder Express
  • Since switching to physiotherapy/musculoskeletal focused assessments we have noticed Worker’s Compensation claims have significantly dropped. Previously, roughly 20% of new starters lodged a Worker's Compensation claim in the first twelve months of employment. This has now dropped to 2-3%.

    A leading Transportation and Logistics company
  • They have provided a very professional service at all times and have been very willing to add additional tasks as required. The reports they produce and site level meetings are very thorough and assist us to identify areas of concern within the business and areas to address. They provide an invaluable service to DHL Express in assisting us to manage the health and safety of our employees.

    Brian Shawcross - Safety ManagerDHL Express
  • DHL Express and Bodycare have worked together for four years, which includes the trying times we all experienced during the COVID outbreak. I would consider that Bodycare have ingrained themselves in DHL Express’ safety, health and wellbeing identity. The Bodycare service embodies DHL’s commitment towards the safety of our employees.

    Luke Tesoriero - Workcare Rehabilitation ConsultantDHL Express
  • 10/10 Client Support. 10/10 Continuous Improvement. 10/10 Candidate experience. Bodycare has continued to show value to its clients through understanding our business needs, professional communication and problem solving.


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