Pre-Employment Medicals & Health Screening

In the process of recruiting? Chances are you’re looking for someone to help you hire (and keep) the right people. Here’s where Bodycare Workplace Solutions steps in.

Ensuring a Safe Workforce

Our pre-employment medical checks help you hire the best candidates who meet the health and safety demands of the role, so you don’t run into problems down the line. Selecting candidates who meet these inherent requirements forms the building blocks for a sustainable and effective injury prevention and workforce health strategy.

Assessments are conducted by experienced physiotherapists with a profound understanding of the body in occupational workplace settings. Leveraging their expertise, we help organisations lower injury risks, improve safety, and ensure candidates are fit for job demands.

Pre-Employment & Functional Assessment Services

What we do

Bodycare Workplace Solutions partners with businesses to offer a smart and adaptable health risk management service. Our focus is on boosting health performance, preventing injuries in your workforce and providing end-to-end support, and this all begins with our innovative pre-employment medical assessments.

How we do it

Bodycare uses leading-edge technology to provide a seamless pre-employment solution. Our innovative health assessment software facilitates every step of the booking, assessment and reporting process, offering the ability to track each step.

Our pre-employment assessments are delivered by robust clinical practices, supported by our dedicated clinical governance team, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety.

Why we do it

Our comprehensive health assessments are uniquely designed for specific roles, ensuring your candidates can perform their jobs safely and effectively. By mirroring the physical demands of each position, our pre-employment medical evaluations provide precise and relevant insights, so you can lower your risk profiles by hiring right from the get-go.

See our list of fit-for-work assessments below.

functional with circle

Functional Assessment

We assess the spine and upper and lower limbs. Includes a review of joint range of motion, joint stability, muscle length, muscle strength, functional work tolerances and a basic neural screen.


Postural Tolerance Assessment

Assessment of postural tolerances (both static and dynamic) that are matched to a role’s requirements. Includes sitting, standing, reaching, bending and twisting.

manual with circle

Manual Handling Loading Assessment

A functional assessment of a person’s manual handling loading ability that is matched against the role’s requirements. This covers the candidate’s ability to perform lifts safely and includes a review of their technique and overall tolerance to the movement.


Silica Health Medicals

Pre-employment Silica Health Medicals record a baseline and examine whether a candidate displays signs or symptoms of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) exposure.

audiology circle

Audiometry (Hearing) Testing

Our audiometric assessments measure hearing capability and screen for any hearing deficiencies that may have resulted from prior exposure to hazardous noise levels.

lung circle

Spirometry (Lung Function) Testing

We conduct spirometry assessments that measure lung function and the degree of airflow obstruction that may be present (if any).

driver circle

Fatigue Assessment

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is administered to all driver candidates to assess the presence of fatigue resulting from sleep-related conditions, such as sleep apnoea.

vision circle

Vision Testing

This covers visual acuity. The assessment is designed for roles that require a clear vision for safe performance. Colour vision can also be assessed where this is identified as an inherent role requirement.

Drug and alcohol circle

Drug and Alcohol Testing

These pre-employment drug and alcohol tests screen blood for the presence of alcohol and illicit drugs at the time of assessment. Results can be sent for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) testing if required.

psycological circle

Psychological & Mental Health Assessment

The Kessler 10 Psychological Screen is completed with every candidate to identify potential risks associated with anxiety and depression.

Why choose Bodycare Workplace Solutions?

Because happy employees make for happy employers… and because pre-employment medicals are great for business.

Our pre-employment screening and medical assessments can be seamlessly integrated into a standardised, comprehensive framework, or each component can be delivered individually, customised to suit your business’s specific requirements.

What’s on offer:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Skilled health experts offer evaluations and advice
  • All-in-one technology platform for pre-employment needs
  • Track all appointments at the click of a button
  • Customised health checks for each job
  • Flexible online payment structure
  • Positive candidate experience
  • Clear, standardised digital reports
  • Nationwide and international coverage through our clinical network, (Australia and New Zealand-wide).

Trust us to keep your workforce in top shape. Get in touch with Bodycare Workplace Solutions today for a confidential consultation on your workplace’s health and safety needs, including scheduling pre-employment medical checks.


National WHS & Workers Compensation Manager at Austral Bricks

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Through this model, our business is much better placed knowing that we are hiring the right people physically for the role and in turn reducing our exposure to work and non-work-related injuries or illness.

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