Virtual Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Virtual Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

As social isolation measures are put into place to minimise the spread of COVID-19, many people will find themselves working remotely.

Actively avoiding social contact can make people feel lonely and reduce our sense of belonging. We know that social distancing is an important and essential public health measure, but we also recognise this is likely to negatively impact our mental health. Added to this is our normal reaction to a pandemic – worry, insomnia and stress.

Cohesion, easily achieved in the office, is harder to achieve when your team is working remotely. We have designed virtual wellness workshops to increase the connection within your team and to address the common issues you may experience in the upcoming weeks to months.

45 minutes

Our virtual wellness workshops are discussion based and interactive. Each session is delivered via Zoom or your business’s preferred platform.

Number of participants per session:
Minimum 5 – Maximum 12


  • Increased social connection and team building
  • Tips to manage stress and anxiety
  • Increased awareness of mental health problems
  • Opportunity to share experiences with team members
  • Step wise approach to manage insomnia
  • Q & A with our experienced facilitator


Virtual Workshops Available:


Struggling to sleep?
Here are some tips.

Adequate sleep is essential for our immune system to fight viral infections; however, sleep is notoriously difficult when circumstances change, particularly when those changes are stressful.

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • Why monitoring your sleep is important
  • How you can benefit from daytime naps
  • Sleep hygiene – how does yours rate?
  • Step by step approach to tackle insomnia

Mindfulness – your best tool to stay focused when working from home

One of the most difficult aspects about working from home is trying to ignore the distractions. These constant distractions will make you anxious which can hamper your productivity. Mindfulness is your best tool to help you stay focused if you are working from home.

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • The benefits you can experience from mindfulness
  • 3x guided mindfulness meditations
  • How to cultivate a regular mindfulness practice at home
  • Apps to keep you on track
Mental Health in Uncertain Times

Mental health in uncertain times

Hoarding, panic buying and constantly checking your news feed are well recognised behaviours during a pandemic. They are also an attempt to regain control during uncertain times. To mitigate the increased risk of developing mental health problems during crisis periods like this, it is absolutely crucial that we put in place strategies to look after our mental health.

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • How to recognise the symptoms of anxiety and depression in yourself and your loved ones
  • How to maintain physical distancing while increasing social connection
  • Why it is important to restrict news feeds and social media
  • Resources for specific mental health problems– websites, videos, books and help lines

Combating Corona-Stress

Working from home sounds like a dream… Teleconferencing on the couch, sleeping in, working in your PJs. Unfortunately, the reality of remote working is that it can be lonely and stressful. Many parents will be forced to work from home together, juggling the kids who are home from school. So, how can we adjust to these new working environments?

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • Maintain normality: How to keep structure in your day
  • The importance of routines when working from home
  • Understand that anxious feelings are normal and appropriate (and when you should get help)
  • Why you need to substitute your commute time with exercise
Food for Thought

Food for Thought or Food for Mood

We know how essential good food is for our physical health, but what about our mental health?
This seminar explains how and why a healthy diet is vital for the brain too, and gives proactive tips and guidelines on how to eat for your brain.

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • How the right food choice can affect memory, learning and mood
  • The best brain foods, including seafood, chocolate and berries
  • Ideas for better brain meals and snacks
  • Simple rules to get the maximum nutrients from your everyday meals.
Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

This seminar explores the key ingredients for staying healthy and well in winter. Learn about what weakens immunity and what strengthens it to stay healthy and productive throughout winter.

This interactive virtual workshop covers:

  • Colds and flu
  • The immune system
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Winter nutrition
  • Winter exercise

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