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Mental health and mindfulness have been the buzz words in 2015 but what do they actually mean in the workplace.

Bodycare’s panel of health and wellness professionals will be discussing ways to address mental health in the workplace, the financial impact of poor mental health on a business’ bottom line, how to recognise if a problem exists and the role of mindfulness within the workplace.

Emily Toner, a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness instructor, will be addressing the impacts of mindlessness on a workforce. Research has suggested that most people spend about 50% of their day in a mindless state (Killingsworth et al. 2010). The effect of this on an organisation can be immense.

The panel will also provide tools and tips on how to incorporate mindfulness and address mental health in a business setting.

Claire Ebstein:

Claire will be discussing mental health as a workplace and health and safety issue and how the management of psychological risk factors at work sits within your safety framework.

Irene Ais:

Irene, an accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer will be discussing ways to positively impact mental health within an organisation. Irene will outline some of the consequences of not addressing mental health and discuss ways to start a positive conversation around mental health within the workplace.

Emily Toner:

Emily Toner, a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant, will be exploring how the adoption of regular, simple mindfulness practices can significantly improve employee wellbeing and performance, making for a happier and more effective workplace.

When:   Thursday 8th of October

8am – Registration and light breakfast

8.30-10am – Presentation, discussion and questions

Where: Bodycare Head Office Level 1, 48 Cecil Street, Southbank, Melbourne

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Please RSVP by the 1st of October as we will be providing breakfast and some light refreshments. We look forward to seeing you there.