Hi all,

As per below, we are ready to begin the Microsoft Migration over to our new tenancy. At a high level, this means that the current Microsoft licence you use (usually software#@bodycare.com.au) will be changed to your own license attached to your email address. Unfortunately, there is no 1 simple set of instructions as each computer may behave slightly differently. So below I have outlined the most common scenarios and the relevant fixes. If anyone has any problems after running through the instructions, please email myself and Russ (russ@myocchealthrecord.com).


Open your settings (click on the windows button in your menu bar and type “settings”)

Once in settings looks for “Accounts”

Scroll down the page and fine “Work or school accounts”

Remove ALL accounts listed there, especially any that end in @ruswareemail.onmicrosoft.com

Once all are removed, Click the “Add Account” button and proceed to add your Bodycare account.

Open Control Panel (click on windows button in your menu bar and type “Control Panel”

Change the options of the top right of the page to “Small Icons”

Click the icon Mail (Microsoft Outlook)

Click “Show Profiles”

Select the profile is not select and click “Remove”

Ignore all warnings and accept.

Proceed to open outlook and configure your new account.


Sign out of teams, and sign in again ensuring you use the correct email address xxx@bodycare.com.au or xxx@bodycarenz.co.nz

Your personal chat data will not be transferred. Your teams and files will be.

Mobile Phones:

Scenario 1:

  • You open your email app on your phone and it will ask for a new password, please use the one provided via SMS.  Continue to use email on your phone as per usual.

Scenario 2:


If you have any files stored in OneDrive please let us know and we can transfer them across.


Any issues please contact Russ or Matt and have your anydesk number ready.

Windows download of Anydesk

Mac download of Anydesk