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Pre Employment Assessment Services

Building a great team starts with bringing the right people into your organisation and getting the right people into your organisation starts with a great recruitment process.

In an age where people are working for longer, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the right people are entering into your workforce. Selecting candidates who are able to perform the inherent requirements of the role is vital and forms the building block for a sustainable injury prevention strategy.

Our ‘Hire Right’ Pre Employment Assessment is a tailored functional assessment, which determines each individual’s suitability for the role they are working in or being hired for. This assessment can screen a candidate’s functional health as well assessing a number of medical factors such as hearing, vision and blood pressure. Our functional assessment is an objective assessment of a person’s ability to perform the essential physical demands of a job and is widely recognised as an important part of injury prevention process. All assessments are conducted by a trained physiotherapist.

Our pre employment assessment is broken down into 4 components:

Detailed Subjective History
Flexibility, Strength and Manual Handling
Job Matching
Further Testing (if selected)

Hire Right Screening Options

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a fast, reliable and cost effective pre employment solution.

The Benefits of Pre Employment Screening:

Ensures functional competence for work tasks resulting in less injuries
Provides a record of pre-employment capacity, affording protection against false claims of injury
Record of pre-employment capacity also helps to identify when a subsequent injury has recovered
Identifies risk factors of an individual prior to employment
Provides consistent pre-employment screening nationally with the ease of one monthly account

At the conclusion of the pre employment assessment, our clients receive a comprehensive report within 2 hours outlining the findings from the assessment.

We provide our clients with one central platform for all their booking and reporting needs.

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