Notice of Consent Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Purpose of Consent

Bodycare Work Pty Ltd (‘Bodycare’) has been engaged to provide COVID-19 screening by way of Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) and/or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) collection for laboratory testing in the Local Government Areas (LGA) of New South Wales to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. As a result of the role you will be deemed an authorised worker working in an LGA and will also be required to have close contact with individuals during the coronavirus pandemic which may involve an increased risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

In order to assist us to meet our occupational health and safety obligations and meet the NSW government requirements, we are seeking your consent to the disclosure of your current COVID-19 vaccination status. Should you choose not to disclose this information, this may have an impact upon your employment and we will work with you to make accommodations where possible.
Right to Privacy and Consent

By providing this consent, you understand that:

  • You are providing Bodycare with medical information which is limited to my COVID-19 vaccination status or any documentation that I have supplied or has been sent on my behalf in response to this request;
  • Any information released to Bodycare  will be used solely for the purpose of performing your role in RAT and PCR to Bodycare clients, OHS and NSW government requirements;
  • You have given consent freely and voluntarily;
  • Bodycare has appropriate security systems to protect your COVID-19 vaccination status information by way of a secured cloud service. The information is stored in Australia. Our data partner who manages the cloud service must meet our requirements for privacy, confidentiality, and data security.
  • You may withdraw consent at any time;
  • Provision of your covid-19 vaccination will form part of your employment record until the cessation of your employment.
  • The information will be treated confidentially; and
  • You may request a copy of this consent form at any time.

Please fill out the form below to disclose your notice of consent by close of business today, 3 September 2021.

Bodycare Work Pty Ltd: Notice of Consent Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Status
Please note: A response to this notice is required by close of business on 3 September 2021 in order to ensure that Bodycare and its employees do not contravene any NSW public health orders which take effect from Monday, 6 September 2021.