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Pre-Employment Online Questionnaires

Pre-employment screening is your business’s first layer of defence in decreasing the health risk and likelihood of injuries occurring to your workforce.

Bodycare’s pre-employment process can be tailored to the needs of your workforce and is usually made up of two components, an online questionnaire followed by a functional assessment.

By starting your pre-employment screening process with a reliable, consistent and detailed online questionnaire tool, your business is able to gather information on a candidate’s past employment, medical and functional history, along with a detailed injury history and psychological evaluation. This leading-edge, self-administered screening tool allows your organisation to gather a variety of information that can be used to determine if the individual is suitable for the role they are applying for.


Bodycare’s Pre-employment Questionnaire Process

The process is simple…

Start your pre-employment screening process with a reliable, consistent and detailed online questionnaire tool.”

1. The client requests a pre employment assessment through Bodycare’s Healthy Workplace Dashboard.

2. Immediately after the request is made, the candidate receives an SMS with a link notifying them that they are required to complete an online questionnaire.

3. The candidate completes the questionnaire in their own time.

4. Once the questionnaire has been completed, Bodycare’s pre-employment booking team arranges for the candidate to attend their nearest clinic for their functional assessment.

Components of the Online Questionnaire

Bodycare provides three questionnaire types for your organisation to choose from based on the requirements of your business.

Option 1 – Standard pre-employment questionnaire

Bodycare’s standard questionnaire gathers basic information which includes:

  • Personal details
  • Employment history
  • Health history
  • Lifestyle history
  • Functional history

Option 2 – Comprehensive pre-employment questionnaire

Bodycare’s comprehensive questionnaire includes all the modules in a standard questionnaire, as well as the following:

  • The Kessler 10 psychological screen
  • Fatigue assessment based on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • A detailed alcohol audit

Option 3 – Tailored pre-employment questionnaire

This option allows the client to liaise with our specialist pre-employment team to create a customised pre-employment questionnaire based on the specific hiring needs of your organisation. Modules and questions can be added or removed based on the end goals of your pre-employment screening process.

Detailed reporting

At the conclusion of the pre-employment assessment, clients are emailed a detailed report outlining both the questionnaire and the functional assessment results. Clients also have access to Bodycare’s Health Workplace Dashboard, where they can track where each candidate is at in the recruitment process and access all pre-employment reports.

Flexible Online Payment Structure

At Bodycare, we know that every organisation is different and that’s why we aim to provide our clients with flexible payment options. Bodycare has the infrastructure in place to allow candidates to process payments for their pre-employment assessments directly through our secure online portal or for clients to receive a comprehensive monthly invoice.

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