Pre-employment Appointment Details

Preparing for your Pre-employment Screening

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time wearing clothes you can comfortably perform exercise in. Please note that you will be required to expose your limbs and back during the assessment, so dress appropriately. You will also need to provide photo identification.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please call 1300 222 639. This may only be done up to 1 business day prior to your appointment.

What is Pre-employment Physical Screening?

Pre-employment physical screening is an objective functional assessment of your ability to perform the essential physical demands of the job you are applying for. Your potential employer requires this to minimise the risk of you injuring yourself within the workplace. Bodycare’s tailored assessment will also assist in ensuring your suitability for the job.

Please note that Bodycare cannot submit the details of the pre-employment physical assessment to your potential employer without your prior consent. You will be asked to sign a waiver permitting Bodycare to do so prior to the assessment taking place. Please read this carefully so you understand your rights and the purpose of the assessment.

What is involved?

Each assessment is designed to run for approximately 60 minutes and is divided into three parts.

Part A: Detailed subjective history; and

Part B: Testing of specific manual handling abilities and techniques including:

  • Lifting and carrying of different loads
  • Grip Strength
  • Repetitive Lifting
  • Lifting techniques
  • Lower Limb Flexibility and Strength
  • Upper Limb Flexibility and Strength
  • Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Flexibility and Strength

Part C: Further Testing (only if applicable)

  • Urine Sample: This is a drug test that will detect the presence of small amounts of illegal drugs in your system. If you are on a prescription medication which you believe will affect this test please bring in a letter from your GP. Ensure you disclose all medications you are taking as some may affect the test.
  • Blood Pressure Screening: This is a basic test that measures your resting blood pressure. This can identify people who may be at risk of heart conditions or who may be unsuitable for intense exercise.
  • Hearing Screening: This is a screening tool that checks your hearing in each ear based on your responses when tones of varying frequency and volume are played. If you have recently been exposed to loud noises or suffered a cold or sinus infection, please let the assessor know.
  • Vision Screening: Your vision will be checked both with and without aids. If you wear glasses or contacts, please remember to bring these to the assessment, as well as fluid to remove contacts if required.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Screening: A 3-minute step test is used to assess your endurance and fitness. Please wear clothing appropriate for exercising.
  • Psychological screening: A short screening questionnaire is used which asks several broad questions about your mental wellbeing. Please answer truthfully to the best of your ability.
  • Lung function: This test assesses your breathing and lung capacity, which can help determine your suitability for endurance tasks.

What Happens After the Assessment?

The physiotherapist will submit a report to your potential employer based on the findings. Note that the physiotherapist will not tell you any of the results or recommendations that they make. Pre-employment assessments are not a “pass or fail” but rather a summary of your current abilities and medical/injury history.