Pre-employment Medicals & Health Screening

Pre-Employment Identification Requirements

When attending any pre-employment assessment, you must bring along photo identification.

For any other checks or information requests following an assessment you may be required to provide 100 points of identification to confirm your identity and for sign off on release of information.

If this is required, please review the list below prior to your appointment and take the appropriate forms of identification. One must be a primary identification and at least one secondary identification.

Primary Identification:

70 Points

  • Foreign Passport (current)
  • National Passport (current or expired in last 2 years, but not cancelled)*
  • National Citizenship Certificate*
  • Full Birth Certificate (not extract)
  • Certificate of Identity issued by the government to refugees and citizens for entry to the country

*National documents apply to the country of assessment (Australia or New Zealand)

40 Points

  • Driver’s License/Learner’s Permit
  • Current Tertiary Student Identification Card
  • Photo Identification Card issued for regulatory purposes (e.g. Aviation/Maritime security identification, security industry)
  • Government employee ID (Federal/State/Territory)
  • Defence Force Identity Card (with photo or signature)

Secondary Identification:

40 Points

  • Medicare Card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card
  • Centrelink or IRD card (with reference no.)

25 Points

  • Birth Certificate extract
  • Birth Card (NSW BDM only)
  • Credit card or account card
  • Marriage or Divorce Certificate (Registry issue only)
  • Change of Name Certificate (Registry issue only)
  • Bank Statement
  • Property lease agreement (current address)
  • Taxation assessment notice
  • Mortgage documents
  • Rating Authority (e.g. Land Rates)
  • Utility bill – electricity, gas, telephone (less than 1 year old)
  • Reference from Indigenous Organisation
  • Documents issued outside the country – must have an official translation attached (equivalent to National documents*)

*National documents apply to the country of assessment (Australia or New Zealand)


Candidates must present 100 points of identification in ALL instances. ID can be obtained by showing at least one primary identification document and one or more secondary identification documents from this list, adding up to 100 points. Failure to bring appropriate identification can result in loss of appointment.

If you have any questions about pre-employment assessments or identification requirements, please call us at 1300 222 639.

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