Injury Prevention Insight – All About Elbows

physiotherapist fixing elbow

As you know, we are working to improved and update our Injury Prevention Insight cataglogue to help you and your sites to better educate your employees around preventing injuries at work. This month is all about… elbows! We encourage you to print these resources and share them onsite to help start the conversation around elbow related issues or niggles.

Remember that all of these handouts are saved in the documents section of the Client Management System. In there you will find all of the new (and old) insights, along with any other posters or documents that you might find interesting!

To access these files:
1. Login to the Client Management Section via the link below.
2. Click “Login” (instead of Dashboard) in the top right hand corner of the website. You will be prompted to enter your details twice.
3. In the menu click on the “documents” tab.
4. Open up the folder named “Documents” and then the “Training” Folder.
5. In here you will find all the files you need!
Make sure to reach out if you would like to see any other files in here!