Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management

Course Overview

Could you (or someone in your team) benefit from improving your knowledge around emotional intelligence and your ability to deal with conflict?

Are you a People Leader, HR Professional, Occupational Rehabilitation Advisor or RTW Coordinator that would benefit from understanding more about how to use your emotions more effectively and confidently deal with conflict in the workplace?

If you answer yes to any of the above then this course is for you! Join us as we break down emotional intelligence and conflict management and discuss just how important these skills are in every day workplace scenarios.


Location: Level 1, 48 Cecil Street Southbank

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Cost: $790 ex GST

Who should attend this training: People Leaders, HR Professionals, Occupational Rehabilitation Advisors and RTW Coordinators


Session breakdown

Session 1

  • Introduction to the science of emotions
  • Exploring principles of how the mind, brain and biological systems work together to affect health
  • Explanation of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the skills that helps us apply EI in the workplace
  • Explanation of the link between the way people feel and the way people perform and engage at work
  • Understanding Stress… the good and the bad
  • Understanding the impact of stress on our body, emotions, thought processes and behaviours – inclusive of a tailored case study
  • Understanding the factors that contribute to our personal resilience
  • Introduction to building emotional resilience techniques and practical skills to enhance the ability to remain optimistic under pressure and lead to greater productivity and performance at work.

Session 2

  • Strategies to prepare, initiate and participate in difficult conversations
    – Understanding what has led to and contributed to perceptions that may effective outcomes
    – How to frame a conversation, use correct language and develop a mindset to get the most out of a difficult conversation
    – How to utilise different listening techniques to gain greater insight and understandings
    – How to ask questions that need to be asked and say the things that need to be said
    – How to cooperatively engage in Positive Problem solving
    – Dealing with difficult situations during a conversation ie. avoidance, emotional outbursts
  • Overview of the various conflict resolution options including mediation, facilitated negotiation, conflict coaching, restorative justice initiatives, team dynamic audits
  • Understanding and balancing the power-justice-stress nexus in the work environment


The Presenters

Meet Claire Ebstein

Claire has a strong workplace skill set that extends across Occupational Health, Safety and Risk Management and is supported by formal qualifications in Physiotherapy and Safety. Claire is passionate about all things relating to health and believes that organisations need to be addressing both mental and physical health in the workplace.

Claire has completed further courses in Mindfulness, Wellness Coaching and is a certified practitioner in the delivery of the Genos Emotional intelligence model.


Meet Zandy Fell

As a conflict resolution practitioner, Zandy’s passion is supporting others to prepare for & participate in difficult conversations. She is a highly competent conflict coach, facilitator, mediator and workplace investigator. Diagnosing the root cause of workplace issues is a strength of Zandy’s and she brings a creativity to problem solving which sets her apart from the rest. Zandy combines a legal and HR background with years of industrial relations experience. Zandy also has further qualifications in workplace conferencing facilitation, business and personal coaching and workplace training.