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What is a Job Dictionary?

A Job Dictionary is created when an organisation’s individual Job Task Analysis are combined to form one document.

A Job Dictionary is a valuable tool which ensures internal and external stakeholders are fully informed of the specific job tasks and inherent requirements of each role undertaken within the given organisation.

A workplace job dictionary details the physical, cognitive and behavioural demands of each job task performed along with the various environmental factors that impact the given task or role.


What are the benefits of having a Job Dictionary?


1. A job dictionary outlines the inherent requirements of the job role:

A detailed document outlining each job task in an organisation is a vital resource when completing pre employment screens or assessments as it can be used to assess an individual’s functional capacity against the inherent requirements of the role they are potentially going to be performing.

2. A job dictionary can be used to identify suitable duties for injured employees:

When an employee is injured, a Job Dictionary can be used to identify less strenuous tasks that are suitable to perform while they recover.

3. A job dictionary can assist with the creation of tailored injury prevention programs:

Having a clear understanding of the physical requirements and demands of the role means that injury prevention programs can be tailored to ensure injury risks are minimised i.e. regular heavy overhead lifting may lead to the creation of a customised shoulder strengthening program or a tailored stretching program to assist with recovery.

4. A job dictionary can assist in fast tracking the return to work process:

When an employee is required to take time off work due to a serious injury, they are treated and assessed by external providers such as doctors or rehabilitation specialists. Providing these external health professionals with a detailed list of the tasks that the worker regularly performs will allow them to detail reduced or restricted duties that the worker will be able to perform so that they can return to work sooner.

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