Virtual Injury Prevention Service

Virtual Injury Prevention Service

Despite the pandemic, every day employees are still suffering from preventable workplace injuries, which is why we have launched our new virtual injury prevention service so that we can continue to support you. Our virtual service is designed as a replacement for normal onsite hours for clients who are unable to continue offering onsite services to their teams.

Employees will continue to have access to the programs and services that they rely on to keep themselves fit and healthy at work through our virtual injury prevention service.

Our virtual program will be delivered by your usual onsite physiotherapist or another familiar Bodycare face. Within our virtual program we are able to:

  • Provide injury triage, advice and recommendations
  • Perform suitable duties assessments and provide upgrades
  • Provide RTW guidance and planning
  • Develop and deliver rehabilitation programs

In addition to injury management, your physio can deliver virtual ergonomic assessments, run daily stretch and exercise programs and the list goes on.


How it works

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Employee reports that they have sustained a musculoskeletal injury/niggle/ache to their manager.

Manager simply books an appointment for the injured worker in the Bodycare Diary, following the usual process. Appointments can be scheduled into the time slots when the Bodycare Physiotherapist would normally be onsite (unless advised otherwise).

Virtual consultations can take place in the onsite Bodycare treatment room, first aid room or another private room, using your preferred method of technology. Instructions will be provided prior to the consultation explaining how set up your preferred device.

The nominated treatment room is ideally set up with a chair and floorspace to complete stretches/exercises, along with cleaning products to sanitise the room at the end of each consultation.

The injured worker attends the treatment room at their appointment time. The treating physio assesses the injury and provides advice and recommendations. If further assessment is required, the physio will contact you to discuss, or if pre-approval has been provided, will arrange an appointment at one of our VIP clinic locations.

Following the consultation, the physio will talk the worker through a room cleaning process for infection control.

At the conclusion of the session, the physio completes their notes and where
applicable reports are emailed to the nominated managers.

For more information, get in touch with us today.

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