Thought Leadership 2018 #1 Injury Prevention


Has injury prevention become the buzz word of the last 12 months, or has it actually been growing in popularity for the last 3 decades?

According to our good friends at Google, the term injury prevention has been steadily on the rise:

Now, I bet you’re sitting there, thinking “hmmm…. that’s not at all surprising”. And you would be right to think that – of course the term injury prevention has gained popularity as we as a society have evolved and found more scientific ways to understand how to mitigate the risk of injuries and their associated costs.

But what is surprising, is that given injury prevention has been around for so long, logic would suggest that we should have refined our methodology, utilised the learnings from various industries such as professional sport and arrived at a point where we have the perfect recipe for success.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of global and local organisations out there who are still struggling to implement the right framework that is both sustainable, functional and cost effective.

With this in mind, join us as we discuss what injury prevention looks like in 2018.

Thought Leadership Breakfast Seminar

Tuesday the 17th of April 8.00am – 10.00am
Bodycare HQ – Level 1, 48 Cecil Street, Southbank, VIC



Preventing and reducing body stress in the workplace through physiotherapy, training and workplace assessments.
Presented by Conor Healy –  Jetstar Airways

With body related stress accounting for a large portion of total injuries in the workplace it’s time to breakdown what works and what doesn’t. Conor will share his experience area programs and initiatives that actually work when trying to tackle body stress in the workplace.

The real mechanisms of musculoskeletal injury.

Presented by Dr Gary Dennis – ErgoEnterprise

Workplace design plays a critical role when trying to mitigate musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Gary will share his views on how to design the workplace to address these mechanisms, reduce injury risk and improve worker performance and health.

Prevention and early intervention, does it actually make a difference?
Presented by David Carroll – Bodycare Workplace Solutions

Managing acute niggles, aches and pains is one of most effective ways to mitigate serious injuries in the workplace. David will discuss why accurate diagnosis is important and what role evidence-based treatments plays in preventing and managing musculoskeletal injuries.

Jetstar Case Study: The Impact of Getting It Right
Presented by Dan Franklin – Bodycare Workplace Solutions



Conor Healy
Conor is currently employed as Jetstar Airways WHS Manager. Conor is a pragmatic leader possessing significant international experience within transport (London Underground Ltd), defence (BAE Systems), logistics (Toll) and aerospace organisations. Conor specialises in implementing and improving risk based integrated management systems that comply with legislative requirements and deliver business growth objectives.

Gary Dennis
Dr Gary Dennis BHSc (Hons) PhD CPE, consults extensively on ergonomic issues to a wide variety of industrial sectors both within Australia and internationally. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and Chair of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Queensland Branch. Combining a research Doctorate in spinal biomechanics with a tertiary background in engineering and a First Class Honours degree in Health Sciences, Gary has the ideal combination of an in-depth understanding of biological tissues with engineering-based solutions to effectively address ergonomic (i.e. injury and productivity) issues.

David Carroll
David is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiology’s who has diverse experience in both clinical and occupational health settings. Before working at Bodycare, David gained extensive experience working as an onsite physiotherapist, implementing a range of occupational health services and managing and working with large complex clients.