Pre Employment Medicals & Health Screening

Ready Screen

Ready Screen is an in house pre-employment screening tool that utilises leading edge technology, to provide businesses with a robust screening program at an affordable cost.

The Ready Screen is functionally based and assesses a person’s strength, flexibility, manual handling technique and core stability. Along with the physical assessment, the Ready Screen compiles details regarding a candidate’s medical, psychological, functional and injury history, allowing employees to make a fully informed decision before continuing through the employment process.

Once the assessment is complete all information is proceeded through our Ready Screen algorithm which has been develop based on 15 years of pre employment data and industry experience. The results are then compared to industry standards and benchmarks to create a single job rating for the candidate. All benchmarks are customised to each business’s needs and industry, to ensure a robust pre employment screening process.

The Ready Screen is designed to be a quick and easy to administer pre employment screening tool, which provides the business with a clear indication of the candidate’s abilities prior to employment.

How it works:

Bodycare deliver training to our clients so they gain the skills and knowledge to conduct physical assessments on potential candidates in house.

Our clients can then administer the Ready Screen assessments before getting valuable feedback from one of our experience team of trained Occupational Physiotherapists.

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