• Comprehensive:
    Comprehensive workstation assessments are most commonly used when an employee is returning to work following a prolonged period off or following an injury. Assessment takes approximately 40 minutes. Once completed a detailed report is prepared outlining key findings, any changes made and recommendations for equipment and other advice provided to the worker.

    20 minutes assessments at an employee’s workstation. Modifications are made as required and advice around self-management, stretches and exercises is discussed. Short summary report prepare with general observations and comments for client at the conclusion of the session.

    A interactive sessions, designed to deliver practical ergonomic education and advice in a “real world” setting. 30 minute blocks in small groups (up to 6 people) learn the principles of setting up their workstation. After the practical demonstration, employees can immediately apply these learnings to their own workstation, whilst the Occupational Health Professional is available to answer any specific ergonomic questions.