Phone-A-Physio and VIP Appointments

Phone-A-Physio and VIP Appointments

Our working landscape has changed and so has the way that we access healthcare systems. As we move into uncharted territory and as employers do their best to be proactive in the way that they are addressing COVID-19 within their workforce, it’s important to remember to also remain vigilant in the way employers can keep workforces healthy.

Despite the pandemic risk facing businesses, every day employees are still suffering from preventable workplace injuries. Current research still suggests that early intervention treatment is the single most effective way to minimise or mitigate an acute injury. It is paramount to ensure that these injuries, aches and niggles continue to be mitigated in a timely manner.

To support you, we have created a Phone-A-Physio Consultancy Service.


How it works:

  1. Employee reports that they have sustained a musculoskeletal injury/niggle/ache.
  2. Simply contact Bodycare on 1300-936-557 and we will arrange a Phone-A-Physio appointment for your injured employee within the hour.
  3. A member of Bodycare’s highly trained occupational physiotherapy team will contact the employee in question for a private web-based video-link consultation.
  4. The treating physio will assess the injury and provider advice and recommendation. If the treating physio feels that a face to face appointment is required, the physio will contact you to discuss before arranging an appointment at one of our VIP clinic locations.
  5. At the conclusion of the VIP appointment, you will receive a report outlining the treatment and injury details along with any recommendations that the physio may have made.
Bodycare phone a physio


  • Your injured employees have access to immediate advice and treatment.
  • Niggles, aches and pains are prevented and managed in their earliest onset, reducing the chance of them becoming costly musculoskeletal claim.
  • Employees are not exposed to overcrowded GP clinics, therefore reducing their exposure to COVID-19
  • Employers can be sure that you are not exposing your team to unnecessary whilst still giving them the care that they require.
  • Where minor niggles and aches do occur (due to incorrect ergonomic setup or manual handling), the physio can make recommendations on the spot. These recommendations may include specific exercise, customised rehab programs and/or desk or workstation modifications.

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