Onsite Health Services

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is an essential element when ensuring your workplace is safe and healthy. Whether it is blanket, random or causal testing we can tailor a program that fits your organisation’s needs.

Through the use of onsite drug and alcohol testing, many companies are proactively enforcing a drug free environment to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

At Bodycare we are able to provide a number of different testing methods depending on the outcomes that our partners are looking to achieve. We work with our partners to create programs that comply with their operating procedures and policies around drug testing to ensure an effective program is rolled out.  A drug test may be conducted by a company or organization for a number of reasons which include; “for cause” after an incident, “periodic testing” which is usual conducted over a uniform time frame, or “return to duty” after an absence from work due to a positive result to illicit drug use previously.

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