Meet Dean Hewitt – One Of Our Team Members Who Recently Participated In The 2022 Winter Olympics

Dean Hewitt, one of our Exercise Physiologists recently represented Australia in the Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics – and we couldn’t be prouder! While Dean and his teammate were unfortunately knocked out prior to the finals, qualifying for the Olympics and representing Australia is an immense achievement!!

To find out a little bit more about Dean’s experience, we invited him in for a short Q&A. Check it out below:

  1. Bodycare: What do you like most about being an Exercise Physiologist?
    Dean: I really enjoy the ability to make meaningful changes in people’s lives through exercise. It is such a practical job that has such a wealth of evidence behind it to improve the health of so many individuals who can range from healthy to chronic disease.
  2. Bodycare: What attracted you to consult for Bodycare and Healthworks?
    Dean: I was first attracted by the Bodycare and Healthworks holistic approach to creating healthy workplaces. I  love that workplaces can be provided with a range of services that work together to ensure their employees are healthy (both physically and mentally), and can return home from work safely and free from injury.
  3. Bodycare: What aspect of your role do you like the most?
    Dean: The variety of workplaces and people you meet is fantastic. No two days are the same and there are always challenges and new aspects which pop up every day that need to be explored.
  4. Bodycare: What made you take up curling as a sport?
    Dean: My mother was originally Canadian where this sport is huge! She played competitively in Canada for a number of years before meeting my father (Australian) and moving to Australia together. She taught my father and therefore curling has been our family activity since I was born. I grew up surrounded by curling and have loved playing the sport from a very young age. The combination of precision, athleticism, power, strategy, mental toughness and camaraderie between teams is phenomenal.
  5. Bodycare: What was your most memorable moment at the recent Winter Olympics?
    Dean: Without a doubt, it was walking down the ramp into the Opening Ceremony at the Bird’s Nest Stadium and seeing those huge Olympic Rings suspended in the air. It was a shiver down the spine moment.
  6. Bodycare: What are your goals over the next 5 years, both professional and personal wise?
    Dean: I endeavour to develop my skills further into a permanent role at a workplace/s where I can build a long-term program to create meaningful change with employees. Being able to work with employees and a workplace over a longer period would be very rewarding and can help create a strong and healthy culture there. Personally, I will also be pushing towards the 2026 Olympic Winter Games and want to be standing on the podium!The last thing I want to say is, I can’t thank Bodycare and Healthworks enough for their ongoing support over the past couple of years for being so understanding of my commitments to curling and being able to slot me straight back in after being away for many months.

Thanks Dean, and congratulations again!