Safety Consulting & Training

Manager and Supervisor Seminars

As a form of continuous education and training, the Bodycare onsite occupational physiotherapist will regularly engage and present to specific groups of individuals in each work zone onsite to educate them about the most common injuries presenting in their work area and how to best avoid them.

Bodycare use the data collated in its software to ensure specific training is provided to each task onsite. The occupational physiotherapist performs various assessments on the tasks employees are carrying out to be able to provide feedback and education to each employee in their working environment in real time.

This training aims to help create improved body awareness for each employee and prevent injuries occurring in the long term.

Bodycare also offers a number of specific training and education sessions. Some of these include:

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

WHS Overview for Managers and Supervisors
Understanding Workers Compensation for Managers
Understanding & Managing Psychological Workplace Injuries
Contractor Management
Incident Reporting & Investigation
Critical Incident Management
WHS in the Boardroom - Culture vs Compliance
Manual Handling

Make it S.A.F.E.R Manual Handling Training

Mental Health First Aid Training

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