Hire right with Pre-Employment Screening

There’s never been a more important time to invest in the health and safety of your employees. In an age where we’re working longer, and under increased mental and physical demands, the need to select candidates who are able to safely perform the inherent requirements of their role is vital, and helps form the building blocks for sustainable injury prevention in the workplace.

Did you know that an employee is seven times more likely to sustain an injury during their first four weeks on a new job? In fact, this risk increases exponentially when the employee hasn’t been correctly matched with the requirements of their new role – and that’s where our Pre-Employment Screening comes in.

Designed to ensure businesses can hire efficiently and effectively – with employee health, safety and retention in mind – our Pre-Employment Screening becomes the first layer of defence in decreasing the health risk and likelihood of injury occurring in the workplace. Our streamlined pre-employment solution is underpinned by cutting-edge technology, a first-class clinical governance framework, and a highly experienced team of health professionals, and allows you to manage every step of the pre-employment process via an interactive online platform. From bookings and candidate communication, to progression tracking and reporting, the platform ensures that our clients are always informed and provided with timely and accurate information gathered to assist them in making all-important recruitment decisions.

Every organisation is unique in its own right, and every role has its own lineup of physical and cognitive demands, which is why customisation of Pre-Employment Screening is crucial. We’re excited to be able to offer an entirely tailored solution, no matter your industry, job requirements or employee criteria, allowing you to test the aspects of an employee’s physical and cognitive abilities that matter most and are most relevant to their specific role. Our Pre-Employment Screening allows you, the employer, to screen prospective employees for:

  • Pre-existing conditions (such as hearing or eyesight).
  • A recent injury or illness (such as an injured back or recent heart attack).
  • Other medical issues that may impact their ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role.

We have worked with an extensive range of clients in both Australia and New Zealand, and we partner with a wide network of medical clinics in every location to ensure that candidates don’t need to travel far to complete their screening. Additionally, each clinic we work with uses the same online software as we do, allowing them to add in assessment notes, ensuring consistency between assessments regardless of who conducts them. Gone are the days of inconsistent paper bookings and assessments; our entirely digitised process streamlines everything, allowing you to track when employees have booked their appointments, arrived at their appointments and completed their appointments, providing you with comprehensive reports at the end of each assessment. Track every step of the Pre-Employment Screening process with Bodycare.

It is important to note, of course, that maintaining privacy after conducting pre-employment tests is bound by law. Employers generally want to ensure that an employee is honest and trustworthy, possesses the right skills for the role they are hoping to fill and is able to perform all the requirements of their new job. As a result, employers need to take a number of obligations into account to ensure correct compliance with the relevant Australian Privacy Principles and Acts. We understand the importance of conducting pre-employment assessments that comply with the relevant guidelines and legislations. As a result, we offer a variety of best practise Pre-Employment Screening solutions to help your company make better and more informed hiring decisions. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

At Bodycare, we believe that building a great team starts with bringing the right people into your organisation, and getting the right people into your organisation starts with a great recruitment and pre-employment process. We understand how costly it can be to make a poor hiring decision, especially when that cost is amplified after an injury is sustained. Our Pre-Employment Screening is here to protect both you and your team, minimising that risk in a tailored and streamlined manner, all via the convenience of an online platform.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you implement our digital Pre-Employment Screening solution in your workplace.