Health & Safety Month at Bodycare

Health & Safety Month is an initiative that the team at Bodycare are passionate about and that’s why we want to take a proactive approach to health, wellness and safety in your workforce.
Our team of health professionals have developed a number of programs that are designed to encourage your employees to be proactive in managing their health and wellness. We understand that all workforces are different and that’s why we have put together a diverse range of programs. Whether you are after Health Checks, Seminars, Office Yoga, Ergonomic Workshops or Strength & Conditioning Programs we have something for all workforces.

Take advantage of our Early Bird Specials today and be proactive at managing the health and wellness of your employees. Use your Risk Management Funding or get in before budget time to ensure that you are managing the health and wellness of your organisation.

We look forward to working with you to take positive steps towards a healthier and more productive workforce.
– Dean Mohr
Bodycare Workplace Solutions Managing Director

For more information or to download our Health & Safety booklet click below