Introducing David Carroll, our new Bodycare NZ General Manager

We’re excited to announce one of our longstanding Senior Team Leaders from our Head office in Melbourne has packed every up and flown over to NZ with his family, to start a new chapter as the Head of Bodycare NZ. For those of you who don’t know him – we’d love you to meet David Carroll. We sat down with David so he could share a little bit about himself and his vision for Bodycare NZ.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Physiotherapist by background and cut my teeth in Occupational Health in the coal mines of central Queensland during the mining boom. I am passionate about the impact a good onsite physio can make when we keep workers happy, healthy and injury-free.

I love to cook. I make a mean chicken chilli basil and a dangerously good martini or whisky sour. I love to explore and travel wherever I live whether in the city or around the countryside. I spent most of my 20s living and working overseas and my favourite way to travel is cycle touring. My favourite holiday is when my wife and I rode from Paris to Sicily for over 4 months.


Having joined Bodycare 6 years ago, you’ve really grown alongside the company. What has the journey been like and what inspires you most about working at Bodycare?

I am passionate about the impact our work does. I have seen first-hand how our service can significantly improve the lives of workers and this motivates me.

In the last 6 years, many things have changed. What impresses and inspires me most about Bodycare is our ability to adapt and evolve to meet our Core Purpose of keeping workers happy, healthy and injury-free. Among other things, this has enabled us to play a significant role in helping our clients keep their workers safe and their doors open during the pandemic. One thing we do well is we find really good people. And with good people, we can do anything.


Is there something in particular that excited you most about taking this role in NZ?

The team in NZ are fantastic. I also saw a lot of opportunities for the NZ business and I was eager to use my skills and experiences to help the team get there. It was a great challenge for me after working as joint COO in Australia. Fundamentally, this opportunity aligned with my own Purpose and Values and was too good an opportunity to resist.


We know it was a bit of a journey between you accepting this role and actually arriving in NZ, tell us a little bit about your journey with that.

Well, I just moved into my 12th different Airbnb since I moved out of my apartment in Melbourne in August last year. Unfortunately, after we moved out but before we caught the plane to Auckland, the NZ / Australia travel bubble was suspended. This means my wife and I have been living out of suitcase in other people’s houses for 10 months. We have moved around 14 times. Over this time you realise which of your possessions you value. I miss my bed, my pillow and my bike…. Oh and my guitar!


So now that you have finally landed – how are you adjusting to being in NZ?

I walked into the office on day 1 and knew it was the place for me. I was pumped. We are still looking for our new home here. That is the priority at the moment before we really sink into Kiwi life.


What are some of the key projects or tasks that you are focussing on?

A few things. Meeting our clients in person to see how we are meeting their needs and introduce myself. Implementing a well-being plan for the team that includes training, personal development and social opportunities. Working with the Rapid Antigen Team to continue to service our clients and keep kiwi workers safe at work.


Work aside, what are you most excited about doing while you are in NZ?

Cycle touring through the NZ rail trails. Snowboarding every year and catching up with a pommy friend who lives in Wellington who I haven’t seen in 10 years. Plus, I want to see the countryside and get to know the kiwi culture. Seeing a Wallabies win at Eden Park would also be pretty special.

David Carroll is passionate about working with people to create dynamic, dedicated and high performing teams. Investing in People, Purpose and Processes is the key to David’s success and is how he ensures our onsite Physiotherapists have the skills, training and support needed to provide our clients with a unique, targeted and proactive service.