Safety Consulting & Training

Safety Consulting & Training

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

GAP Analysis

A GAP Analysis is a proactive tool utilised to ensure that current safety and management systems, policies and procedures are effective and complying with WHS legislation.

A GAP Analysis can cover a wide variety of assessments and is designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement within the workforces. An experienced Bodycare OHS Consultant conducts a full desktop review of all policies, procedures and associated systems documentation related to the management of OHS across all operations and sites. Our experienced OHS Consultant will utilise criteria from the Victorian OHS legislation and Australian Standard 4801 – (Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems) as the benchmark for performance.

The second step in the GAP analysis process is a completion of a site inspection (including a representative retail site) to validate the key findings from the desktop review. The onsite inspection will include interviews with key personnel and observations to evaluate the level of implementation of the OHS system and compliance to OHS legislation and standards.

Benefits and Outcomes

The purpose of the GAP Analysis is to identify gaps in your Management System and provide areas for improvement to meet compliance against Victorian OHS legislation and Australian Standards.

A formal report (including photographs) will be provided which outlines the identified gaps, prioritized risks and associated ranked recommendations. The recommendations will be provided in an editable document which can form the basis of the organisation’s Safety Action Plan. This provides a tangible document for leaders in the business to progress safety initiatives and measure performance.

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