Bodycare Workplace Solutions announces acquisition of Healthworks Australia

Bodycare Workplace Solutions is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Healthworks, which will see Bodycare expand its existing service offering within the injury prevention space.

Over the last 3 years, Bodycare and Healthworks have combined their efforts to provide organisations across Australia and New Zealand with comprehensive injury prevention, health and wellbeing services. This partnership has seen the successful implementation of a number of prevention focused programs which, to this day, continue to improve health and mitigate injuries in workplaces across Australia and New Zealand.

Bodycare’s Founder and Managing Director Dean Mohr, along with his experienced team, have built an impeccable reputation for delivering market leading injury prevention programs and solutions. “Our focus has always been and will always continue to be, injury prevention” explains Dean. “From day one, our vision at Bodycare has been to ensure that employees are healthy, safe and injury free at work and this acquisition will enable us to continue to work towards this vision”.

Healthworks is a market-leading corporate health and wellbeing service provider, with over 30 years’ worth of industry experience. According to Dean, “the Healthworks brand is one that is highly regarded and respected within the occupational health industry and its focus on using data to create actionable outcomes is certainly in line with our approach at Bodycare. Over the years, organisations have continued to search for an ROI when it comes to implementing employee health programs and we truly believe that together with Bodycare’s injury predictive tech platform, that aggregating data from health and injury prevention programs will enable our clients to improve employee health, reduce workplace injuries and provide an ROI for their bottom lines.”

Healthworks was established in 1982 by Ken Buckley, as he was driven to improve the health of Australians through excellence in workplace health solutions, a vision which remains the driving force of the business to this day. “This acquisition is an exciting one for both businesses. It opens up a number of great opportunities and while I will be sad to be stepping away from Healthworks, I look forward to watching the team grow and business flourish alongside the Bodycare brand” explains Ken.

Claire Ebstein, who will step into the role as General Manager of Healthworks, is thrilled about the acquisition. “Our existing relationship with the Healthworks team has proven the complementary nature of the two businesses and highlighted the value that the Healthworks offering brings to the Bodycare suite of services. Our focus on data-driven prevention, coupled with the services that Healthworks specialise in, enables us to provide holistic injury prevention & health solutions.”

If you want to know more about Healthworks and their capabilities please contact Claire Ebstein or 1300 222 639