A Bodycare physiotherapist speaking with a worker on a job site. Banner for "Request for alterations to service" page.At Bodycare, we are committed to delivering high-quality service and tailored testing that meets the inherent requirements of each proposed job role. We appreciate your commitment to maintaining these high service standards and look forward to supporting your organisation.

To that end, we have developed this “request for alterations to services(s)” form to ensure that our team successfully implements your requested service/assessment changes and addresses any specific needs or concerns. This form is a formal channel for our team to communicate service requests, report issues, or make inquiries about the proposed changes. It is designed to streamline the request process, improve efficiency, and enhance transparency for each service request.

Health Assessments: Request for alteration(s) to service form

A simple form for clients to send their queries to the Health Assessments team.
  • Please enter your company's name.
  • Please provide your full name.
  • Please enter your company email address.
  • Please provide your mobile number.
  • Please enter your position (aka job title) at the company.
  • Please select the type(s) of service alteration that you wish to request.
  • Please provide the name of the site that this change applies to.
  • What is the name of the new job type?
  • What functional testing components will be involved (e.g., weight levels, number of repetitions, etc.)?
  • What is today's date?
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please specify which date the requested change needs to be implemented by.
    Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Do you have any specific instructions or comments for our team?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.