Access Recording – How To Identify And Prevent Burnout In Your Organisation

We had such a fantastic turnout at our first Lunch and Learn session of the year! Thank you to everyone who attended, we loved all of your questions and hope you walked away with some great solutions to reduce employee burnout.

As workplace leaders, there’s no doubt that preventing burnout starts with us. It starts with familiarising ourselves with the topic, understanding what contributes to burnout, being able to spot early predictors and signs of burnout, and having effective methods and strategies in place to drive change where needed.

If you are exploring solutions in this area, or you are simply wanting to learn a little more about the effects of burnout, click on the button below to access the full recording. We have also put together some key takeaways for those who missed this session or for those that would like to have a quick refresh:

  1. The main difference between burnout and stress is that stress is characterised by over-engagement while burnout is characterised by disengagement.
  2. The factors that affect burnout fall into three categories: environmental/organisational, individual, and demographic. Workplaces have the greatest opportunity to affect environmental and organizational elements like work overload, role conflict, role ambiguity, the physical workplace, and support from supervisors.
  3. Implementing strategies like identifying the causes of burnout, collecting feedback about burnout, having the processes in place to recognise and eliminate burnout, measuring the success of interventions and investing in staff wellbeing can effectively prevent burnout.

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