Heath Surveillance Resources

Health Surveillance is a process where employee health is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the employee’s working environment does not
negatively or adversely affect their overall health.

Depending on the employees’ working environment there are a number of health checks that may be conducted, some of which may even be
required by law. Whether it’s exposure to noise, vibration, dust – a duty of care must be upheld.

To help make your lives a little bit easier, we have collated a bunch of resources to help you get a better understanding of the ins and outs of health surveillance.

</p><h3>Spirometry Testing Factsheet</h3><p>

Spirometry Testing Factsheet

Bodycare Workplace Solutions
</p><h3>Vision Testing Factsheet</h3><p>

Vision Testing Factsheet

Bodycare Workplace Solutions
</p><h3>Audiometry Testing Factsheet</h3><p>

Audiometry Testing Factsheet

Bodycare Workplace Solutions
</p><h3>Health Monitoring Factsheet</h3><p>

Health Monitoring Factsheet

WorkCover Queensland
</p><h3>Hazardous Chemicals</h3><p>

Hazardous Chemicals

Safe Work Australia
</p><h3>Poster - No Time To Lose Campaign</h3><p>

Poster - No Time To Lose Campaign

NSCA Foundation
</p><h3>Guides to Noise Control</h3><p>

Guides to Noise Control

Safe Work VIC
</p><h3>Exposure to Carcinogens</h3><p>

Exposure to Carcinogens

Cancer Council WA
</p><h3>Silica Factsheet</h3><p>

Silica Factsheet

NSCA Foundation
</p><h3>Asbestos Factsheet</h3><h3>

Asbestos Factsheet

NSCA Foundation
</p><h3>Diesel Factsheet</h3><p>

Diesel Factsheet

NSCA Foundation
</p><h3>Asbestos Handbook</h3><p>

Asbestos Handbook

Worksafe Victoria
</p><h3>Hazardous Substances Compliance Code</h3><p>

Hazardous Substances Compliance Code

Worksafe Victoria
</p><h3>Exposure to Noise Compliance Code</h3><h3>

Exposure to Noise Compliance Code

Worksafe Victoria

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